The new Maps app is fully developed in house by Apple. It's a complete overhaul and much better than the old Google based version. Here are some features... New cartography, completely different from the one provided by Google. This includes new points of interests, restaurants, shops etc... The new maps are not bitmap based anymore. Now they are vector based, which means faster loading. It still loads sectors, but very fast and much better graphics. Apple's Maps will provide turn by turn navigation, just like any other car GPS app. With Siri driving directions and 3D view, with clear signs. Now every location in Maps includes a card that gives you all you need to know about it. If it's a restaurant, it will show you reviews and ratings, along with photographs. Siri is completely integrated with Maps. You can ask for directions with your voice, it will guide you while driving and give you estimated time of arrival Traffic information loads constantly, even when you are not looking at it. If Maps detects a change on traffic conditions that would make your trip faster, it will ask you to reroute. New 3D view: Watch quick demo below Missing features No public transit information and StreetView. The old Maps gave you transit information easily and completely. Apple says that developers will be able to add this in their applications, plugging into Apple's Maps. StreetView gave you a street level visual reference that the 2D maps and the new Flyover 3D view may not be able to give you. Apple hasn't mentioned anything about StreetView, seeing that this was a google feature.

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