So the new iPhone is dubbed "iPhone 4S".

It has the same great shape as iPhone 4 but carries a new more powerful A5 chip &
Dual-core CPU, 2x as fast at CPU tasks. Also dual-core graphics. Up to 7x faster in the previous iPhone. One area you really see it scream is in games.”

Data can now download up to 2x as fast. Theoretical max performance used to be 5.8 up and 7.2 down — now doubles to almost 14.4Mbps down. Said to be just as fast as 4G phones, and its a woldphone

Now has a 8 megapixel camera and shoots 1080p HD video. WOW!!!

Siri: the intelligent assistant to get things done just by asking.
like for instants “What’s the weather like today?” Siri gives the forecast.
Instant Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha searches by voice. “Now, to define a word, it’s as easy as asking Siri. Define ‘mitosis.’” And Siri delivers results. “Just ask your personal assistant, Siri.”
With Siri, you can get your messages read to you.” Siri reads the messages in your notification queue, hands-free.
"how long until Christmas. Siri: “82 days.” “Get shopping!”

“Compose and dictate email right to Siri. Set timers. Look up contacts, create notes, search the web, search Wikipedia. Well, who is Siri? Just ask!” Siri: “I am a humble personal assistant.”


iPhone 4S. Black and white
• 16GB for $199
• 32GB for $299
• 64GB for $399 first time in an iPhone

iPhone 4 Black and white
• 8GB $99

iPhone 3GS
• 8GB: free

Pre-orders on the October 7th, and then launching on the October 14th.
Avaliable for AT&T, VERIZON & SPRINT sorry NO T-MOBILE

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