Check out the trailer for the new 'Call Of Duty' tittle "Modern Warfare 3" Multiplayer gameplay.
Pay attention to the new features... Video below:

Ok so you saw the trailer, if you noticed their are a couple nice jems in there like...

Stalker Perk: Im guessing a dog with an explosive attached.
Juggernaut Kill Streak: Maybe a armored soldier comes to assist you.
Bouncing Betty Equipment: A mine thats triggered when stepped on (flies up and shoots out a blast of shrapnel).
Remote Turret: Guess you can control the Turret your self.
Airdrop Trap: Drop a care package in and when the enemy goes to pick it up it explodes.
Recon Drone: The Turret looks like its moving around on its own (wonder how far it travels)
Equip a Sniper Rifle & Assault Rifle.
Trophy System: Intercepts and destroys incoming missiles and rockets
Just to name a few...

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