Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen talks with Walt Mossberg about why Steve Jobs & Apple decided not to go with Flash on their iOS devices. He says that its not the Apple Devices that cant handle Flash, its just that Apple doesn't want Flash in their browsers. He goes on to say that developers can design their Apps in Flash, and then convert it to the Apple format to be approved.

Apple just wants to control everything about there devices and applications. Other operating systems like Android don't have the same restrictions on approving Apps. That might be great for the developer, because they can write an App and just put it up in the market and its ready for download. The down side of that is, stability, more chance of crashes and viruses.

This is why to the outside world Apple appears to be behind sometimes, but their is always a bigger scheme. Apple likes to perfect everything before they put it out, they don't care about being the first to launch anything, they want to be the first to bring out something that works.

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