Lil Kim has just released her music video for the song "Black Friday", its a diss record to Nicki Minaj. The title is a rebuttal to Nicki's album title "Pink Friday".

After Nicki released "Roman's Revenge" the world started speculating if Nicki was talking about Kim. But when Angie Martinez interviewed Nicki, she spilled her guts and the sh!t hit the fan, and all hell broke loose. Kim released "Black Friday" soon after.

Personally I always liked Lil Kim, but right now Nicki Minaj is doing it and holding the crown. Now don't get me wrong maybe Kim has some good reason why she gets a Nicki, and visa versa. I wasn't there, all I can speak about is what I know and that's the music. Lil Kim's "Black Friday" song lyrics are well put together and for those old school rap lovers you will enjoy, but in order for Kim to have any relevance in this time she has to change her style of rap.

So unless Nicki Minaj flops her self i don't see Kim taking her spot. I hope Nicki doesn't reply, even tho it might make for some interesting fun but i don't think its worth it. Nicki has a song on her "Pink Friday" album call "Did It On'em" i think that's enough, speaks for it self.

Check out the video below

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