East Noodle
119 2nd Ave, New York, NY

Food: A-
Atmosphere: B+
Service: A
Overall Experience: A

Photo above: Spicy Beef Ramen

If you want a cheap trip to a Japanese noodle shop, East Noodle should be your first option. We stumbled on East Noodle hoping to fill our craving for really good ramen, and boy did East Noodle deliver! The menu offers an array of Japanese and Korean options. We are usually skeptical about restaurants that do not stick to one type of cuisine, so we stuck to the Japanese offerings- particularly the Torishio (chicken and fish cake) and the Spicy Beef Ramen. We also tried the Spicy Seafood Ramen, but wasn't a big fan of it, somehow the flavors of mixed seafood and the spicy broth didn't come together as good as the Spicy Beef. The ramen noodles are always fresh, the vegetables, half hard boiled egg, and proteins mix together to create a bowl of goodness that you won't want to end. The teriyaki and spicy chicken entrees are also amazing and ring true to flavors found in these dishes in Tokyo. The menu also offers a variety of yakitori options, ranging from typical chicken, pork, and eel, as well as veggie options like onigiri (rice balls), cabbage, mushroom, etc. The service is fast and and friendly. Expect to be greeted by a distant "irashaimase," which is "welcome" in Japanese. Most of the time the entrees follow the appetizers, like yummy Jachae Noodles within a couple of minutes. There is also the interesting juxtaposition of the Japanese decor (sake bottles and labels line the restaurant walls) and the latest pop music playing in the background (latest selections included Katy Perry, BEP, and Rihanna). Overall, a great place to catch a quick meal at a decent price. East Noodle has quickly become one of our regular dinner picks, and will continue to be a fav.

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