"Us guys love to think that the only condom that will fit our ginormous manhood is the XXL Magnum. Unfortunately, this thinking may be putting men’s health at risk according to a new study.

Men who refuse to wear smaller condoms are more than twice as likely to report the condom breaking or slipping off. These guys also reported it was more difficult for either partner to reach orgasm.

The study of 436 men by the Kinsey Institute found that 45% of guys had used an ill fitting condom in the previous three months. Using a condom that doesn’t fit properly also can irritate the penis and reduce pleasure for both sexes.

To make matters even worse, a condom that’s too big can also impact erections. Men with poorly fitted condoms are twice as likely to have erection problems.

So guys, it’s time to put your ego aside and get real about how big you are. Getting a condom that actually fits makes life better for you and your partner."


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