Supra Fakes! How To Avoid Getting Laughed At

So you found a sweet deal on some Skytops on Ebay or a sketchy website? It sounds to good to be true, but you order ‘em anyway. Unfortunately, when they finally get to your door months later they look like shit then fall apart after you walk about two blocks. Guess what? You just got faked!

The good news is that it’s pretty damn easy to tell the real deal Supras from the counterfeit fakers. But before we jump into that, here’s some easy ways to avoid getting hustled.

1) Only Purchase Supras From Authorized Dealers.

This sounds way too simple beacuse it is. We have a huge list of legit Supra Retailers you can check right HERE. Buy from our homies and you won’t get shoes made of cardboard.

2) Mess with Ebay and unauthorized websites at your own risk.

It’s funny, because if the first sentence on a lot on Ebay or selling off websites reads something like “These are real, not counterfeit, so don’t ask!” You know they’re usually fake.

3) Be Smart

So someone is selling a bunch of the TKs Society on Ebay before the release date? Guess what, they’re not a real Supra Dealer, those are definitely fake. Same goes for that website that’s selling Supras for way cheap, because they’re cheap fakes. If it sounds to good to be true it almost always is.

4) Ask us!

If you see something on Ebay or a sketchy website deal email us a link and we’ll let you know if it’s fake. For serious, contact us HERE for the answer.

Hiphoper recently did an article about how bad the fakes were, here are some images and explanations from that article.

Starting with the boxes, the counterfeiters always use cheap cardboard and get the graphics wrong, the Supra Crown is obviously missing from the fake and is missing the barcode.

As well as being made from cheap plastic instead of leather, the fake on the right has an embossed crown all wrong and no metal eyelets for the laces. That way they save money, the lace holes stretch and rip out, and you look bad.

The most obvious things about these bread loafs is they usually can’t afford to use real vulk soles, and then they actually paint the black stripes on by hand. Yeah, super ghetto.

And finally pull out those soles. If you got some crappy paper thin cardboard insert instead of our cushy sole with our gel cushion, well, not only do your shoes look bad, your feet are going to hurt.



[$ H A R O N A] said...

man counterfeits are gettin outta hand

kanedawolf said...

hey grat site by the way! i wanted to know if this online shoe shop is safe. http://www.cheapshoesbuyer.com/supra-skytop-high-blue-green.html

cause the shoes all have the three tags, but the boxes look so cheap..