The man in the picture above was attacked by Chris Brown's bodyguard at a gym in Hollywood yesterday afternoon. The man and his young son simply wanted a shot of the R&B singer, and as soon as they snapped a few candid photos of Chris, the bodyguard went crazy!

The man spoke with X17online exclusively and told us what went down:

"Chris was inside, and there were all these guys outside trying to get pictures. I was just working out at the gym with my son and we wanted to take a quick shot of Chris. I guess Chris' bodyguard assumed I was a paparazzo and he started chasing me out of the gymnasium and down the stairs. I tripped as the bodyguard was chasing me - he was really angry and charging at me - I honestly thought the guy was going to kill me!

Then the guy picked me up and started shaking me with incredible force. He tried to grab the camera from my pocket but I didn't let go. People around were yelling, "Leave him alone; leave him alone!", and after a few minutes, the bodyguard realized a lot of people were watching, so he stopped. Thankfully there were witnesses - otherwise, I don't know what would have happened!"

We think the worst part is how Chris handled the incident. After the attack, Chris and the man went to the gym's office to speak with personnel, at which point Chris said, "I've never seen a white boy run that fast." Minutes later, Chris left the scene of the crime, and he let his bodyguard clean up the mess.

The poor guy just wanted a picture of the R&B singer for his young son!


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