Kotaku's 2008 Games of the Year Awards

Best Writing
Grand Theft Auto IV

You'll see the "category" name up there, you'll see we picked Grand Theft Auto IV, and your eyes probably won't stop rolling. After all, isn't this the game with a "story" that, after the first third, completely falls apart? Interesting, original characters replaced for tired mob stereotypes while a convoluted narrative about the American Dream collapses in on itself around them? Yes. But we're also rewarding games for their dialogue. And no game from 2008 can match the wit, delivery and sheer volume of irresistible chit-chat that Grand Theft Auto IV populates its cutscenes, missions and idle moments with.

Not Quite Best Writing: Fallout 3

Game of the Year
Grand Theft Auto IV

At their heart, games are meant to be a sort of absorbing escape from the every day. Unfortunately, what we as gamers escape to is too often an incomplete vision.

Scaling back on some of the unwieldy features found in earlier iterations of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar instead focused on perfecting what was left, creating a foundation building game.

The result is a Liberty City that had us not just marveling at the over the top escapism of action-hero antics, but losing ourselves in the mundane, the routine of cell phone calls, of blind dates and taxi rides.

What Rockstar has done so well is give us a full vision, one that is more place than game, a playground of opportunities complete with a believable cast of characters and plenty of opportunities for mayhem in a setting so real we forget that it isn't.

Not Quite Game of the Year: Gears of War 2 



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