From the runways of Milan, Paris, London and New York is high fashion. And being that we are close to a recession or great depression one might agree, high fashion designers are faced with a challenge this year, they must design with optimism. So they have chosen to creating pieces that are over the top now more than ever before. Although there is stress and tension that transcends into making fashion week become a reality. It's a week where everyone who contributes to the industry can gather together and forget all of the things that are going on in the US economy. It is a time where we can appreciate each designer for his/her creativity during these trying times.

Fashion translates into a dream. It's suppose to bring people to a happy place. Fashion is meant to have fun. It's when you can show your own individuality and style but presenting it with grace, that is the key. As my favorite designer Gabriella Chanel says:"A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous." Just like everything that she puts her name on, this quote is still timeless till this day.

Our tasks as buyers,stylist and editors is to transfer the style from the runways to the streets; that means to you, the consumer. What Lanvin has showed in his show that women need to be free. Meaning a lot of his designs are unstructured but loose fitting and flowing. Your body is all the structure you need. With that being said, the animal print one shoulder is a hit. It drapes the body and makes it elegant with just a touch of a jewel on the shoulder. Louis Vuitton gave us ethnic chic with bold colors, chunky accessories and tribal prints with feathers. And the shoes were amazingly fabulous! Dsquared gave us Charlie's Angels from the 70's with the all for 1 jumpsuits, over sized sunglasses, safari styled fitted blazer w/slacks, wide legged high waisted denim and floppy hats.

Some of the trends that you may see coming up this season is the juxtaposition of masculinity vs. femininity. Here's a couple of ideas on how to make it come to life.You can pair an elongated blazer with a henley underneath and a 25' pencil skirt. Or you can wear a double breasted blazer styled dress. And try a three pieced suit: Skinny pleated slacks with vest and blazer. Wear long pearls to give the feminine touch. For more of a casual look when your not on your way to the office, you can throw on a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans with a tee, signature scarf and some fly pumps. Remember, femininity is all in the shoes you choose so you don't totally look like a boy.◆


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